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H&G Systems have a unique position as the only Rockwell Automation Recognised System Integrator – RcSI – based in Scotland.

The RcSI status is held by a limited number of companies in the UK and is testament to the product expertise and excellent application know-how we have in the integration of Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation products and software.

Being part of the RcSI program helps differentiate H&G Systems from those System Integrators who simply use Rockwell product, this is done through a collaborative approach with Rockwell Automation that ensures the Rockwell solutions we provide are competently designed, integrated and installed within your plant or facility to add long term value.

We have always took pride in the in-house technical expertise we have available at H&G Systems and we feel the strength we have as an RcSI extends this expertise further to include the support of the team at Rockwell Automation.

Key Benefits of using a Rockwell Integrator:

  • Recognised Integrators are educated to help solve production challenges by advising on and delivering the best solution with the lowest amount of risk.

  • Rockwell Automation work with Recognised Integrators to continually enhance competencies and capabilities across multiple disciplines: control, information, process, safety and manufacturing operations

  • Recognised System Integrators are resources that are best positioned to reduce project risk when leveraging Rockwell Automation technologies.